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Oakside Rye Old Fashioned

Two James Distillery's incomparable straight rye whiskey is the heart and soul of this Old Fashioned. Distilled with 100% Michigan-grown rye and the water of the Great Lakes, this whiskey is aged four years and then combined with bespoke small batch bitters and rich simple syrup to deliver a robust yet smooth set of spice notes.

Available in: 750ml
Alcohol by Volume: 41%

Catcher's Rye Whiskey from Two James Spirits (Detroit, Michigan)
Bitters from Vena's Fizz House (Portland, Maine)
Demerara Syrup


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How to drink

The Oakside Rye Old Fashioned is two parts rye whiskey complemented with a bespoke small batch bitters blend from Vena’s Fizz House in Portland, Maine, and simple syrup that we make in-house using our preferred demerara sugar. The bitters blend is particularly dynamic, made by artisan Steve Corman, spotlighting notes of cinnamon, citrus, and clove.

  • Old Fashioneds should be served down in a rocks glass over ice and with an orange twist if available. Always opt for cubed ice from ice trays over refrigerator-made ice in order to get the most visually appealing cocktail.
  • In order to make your orange twist, cut a thin slice of the orange peel with your paring knife, avoiding any flesh of the orange. Rub the interior of the peel around the edge of your glass, then gently twist or tear the orange above the drink so the essence covers the top of the Old Fashioned and emits a nice citrus aroma.
  • If you prefer, a maraschino cherry is also a fine garnish to accompany the Old Fashioned.

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