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Looking for Fireside Cocktails? We recently became Oakside Cocktail Co.

Oakside Negroni

This Negroni brings together the finest Italian amaro, contemporary gin, sweet vermouth, and bitters to provide a deeply satisfying take on this staple of the cocktail canon. This small-batch recipe carries notes of rhubarb, vanilla, and grapefruit, and is balanced at 52 proof. Best served on the rocks.

Available in: 750ml
Alcohol by Volume: 26%

Old Cockney Gin from Two James Spirits (Detroit, Michigan)
Italian Amaro from Don Ciccio & Figli (Washington, D.C.)
Sweet Vermouth from Rockwell Vermouth Co. (Sonoma County, California)
Bitters from Vena's Fizz House (Portland, Maine)


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How to drink

The Oakside Negroni brings together one part each of the finest Italian amaro, contemporary gin, and sweet vermouth, and is complemented with a few dashes of orange bitters. We made the Oakside Negroni in part because we wanted to create a smoother and less bitter cocktail than the classic Negroni while remaining loyal to the 1-1-1 classic recipe. We particularly love the small batch Italian amaro from Don Ciccio—which we used instead of Campari, the cloyingly bitter liqueur in the typical Negroni—so our Oakside Negroni has a bit more sweetness and multifaceted palate.

  • Negronis are typically served down in a rocks glass with an orange twist. If you're trying to impress, actual cubes from ice trays always look better than refrigerator-made ice.
  • In order to make your orange twist, cut a thin slice of the orange peel with your paring knife, avoiding any flesh of the orange. Rub the interior of the peel around the edge of your glass, then gently twist or tear the orange above the drink so the essence covers the top of the Old Fashioned and emits a nice citrus aroma.
  • A lemon peel is another great garnish option that pairs particularly well with the Oakside Negroni. Like with the orange, take a thin slice of the lemon peel and tear it above the cocktail, so the zest aroma comes through, particularly in the first few sips. We do not recommend rubbing the lemon peel on the edge of the glass – this is typically too bitter.

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